Discounted Private Class for Shakopee Chamber Members

ShakRa Yoga & Fitness LLC

Gather your employees, co-workers or friends for a fun private yoga or fitness class at ShakRa Yoga & Fitness.  Class size depends on the type of class chosen, but typical classes can hold up to 12-15 people.  This is a great opportunity for some fun, wellness and team building.   Class types include high intensity Sculpt or Barre, feel good Power Yoga or Yoga Flow, or relaxing Yin/Flow or Restorative.  The high intensity classes are typically 45 minutes, where the yoga classes are typically one-hour.   Contact Elise at 612-532-3272 or to discuss class types and scheduling! 

For more information:
phone:  (612) 532-3272 (Call Now)

Offer Valid: July 14, 2021July 14, 2022

Shakopee Chamber of Commerce